Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary

Bench with early snow

The Final Week of the Season
Always some surprises!

In the middle of October, snow scenes in the Garden are a bit unusual, but in 2009, here they are, thanks to a nice snowfall that occurred on October 12th, at the beginning of the final week of the season for the visitors shelter to be open. Prior to the snow were several nights of hard frost. Visitors on Monday found an unusual sign on the front gate - unusual for October 12th that is. Visitors on Tuesday found un-trod snow on the paths and benches not so inviting to sit on. A fire in the shelter fireplace was most welcome.

Garden Gate Closed

Above: The closed Garden Gate and below, the steps from the parking lot to the front gate. Photos by Phoebe Waugh.

Snowy Monday

Below: Early snows are always picturesque as the world turns from full color to white and shades of gray. The fountain is running to keep the line from freezing. On Tuesday, maintenance staff was busy blowing the water out of the lines for the winter close-down. Photos by Phoebe Waugh.

Early Snowfall Early snowfall Early snowfall

Below: The early season snow provided a contrast to the fall colors that were emerging in the Garden

Bog Path with snow Maple and Poplar Martha Crone Shelter

Maple Leaves Turning Moss on log in snow

Below: Fall fruits, seeds and leaves make splendid sights by themselves, but more so with contrast of the snow. 1st photo - False Solomon's Seal. 2nd photo - Joe-Pye Weed.

False Soloman's Seal Sweet Joe-pye Weed Seed

Below: 1st photo - Oak leaf with galls. 2nd photo - Bittersweet.

Oak Leaf Bittersweet Fruit

Below: The colors of mature fruit on the ground and the full yellow color of a poplar tree. 3rd photo - The last Black-eyed Susan of the season that has not yet abandoned hope.

Red Fruit in Snow Yellow Poplar Leaves Last Black eyed Susan

Below: The moisture from the heavy October rains earlier in the month brought out these mushrooms that remain brilliant in the snow cover.

Mushroms in snow on log Mushroom on stump in snow