2018 Volunteer Event

Hosted by The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

Additional Photos.


Above: A large group of volunteers gather on October 26, 2018 for the event. Photo Karen Smudski.

Buffet Line
Nearest the camera, l to r: Lauren Hustings, Sally Pundt and Kara Snow. Photo Maggie Tuff
Betsy McNerney (l) and Sarah Musgrave. Photo Karen Smudski.
Betsy with cakes
Betsy McNerney with the six cakes provided by Susan Wilkins. Photo Karen Smudski.
Serving cakes
Wendy Tremblay serving cakes. Photo Betsy McNerney.
mary melissa and susan
l to r: Mary Furth, Melissa Hansen and Susan Wilkins. Photo Maggie Tuff.
4 guests
l to r: Jennifer Dunne, Wendy Tremblay, Tracy and Ann Godfrey. Photo Maggie Tuff.
Meg and Maia
l to r: Meg Forney and Maia Campbell. Photo Betsy McNerney.
Liz and Donna
l to r: Liz Anderson and Donna Ahrens. Photo Betsy McNerney.
Meliassa, Maggy and Jennifer
l to r: Melissa Hansen, Maggy Tuff, Jennifer Dunne. Photo Maggie Tuff.
Meg liz and Kari
l to r: Meg Forney, Liz Anderson, Kari Christianson. Photo Maggie Tuff.
Kara and Jodi
l to r: Kara Snow and Jodi Gustafson. Photo Maggie Tuff
Melissa and Jennifer
l to r: Melissa Hansen and Jennifer Dunne drawing tickets for door prizes. Photo Betsy McNerney.
Sally and Connie
l to r: Sally Pundt, Connie Pepin. Photo Betsy McNerney.
Kyla and Maia
l to r: Kyla Sisson and Maia Campbell. Photo Maggie Tuff.
Phoebe and Karen
l to r: Phoebe Waugh and Karen. Photo Maggie Tuff
prize winner
Jeffrey Mancl - a happy door prize winner. Photo Karen Smudski.