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History of the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden

In the Archive pages you will find links to all the content on the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden web site. Unlike the main pages, links here are arranged by topic. These topics include links to articles previously published in the Friend's newsletter - The Fringed Gentian™.

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Documents of Friends Organization


Garden Mission Projects




Articles of Incorporation - 1952 original

Articles of Incorporation - 1991 restated.

Articles of Incorporation - 2019 restated.

Board of Directors – Current directors and historical list.

Board of Directors - Founders – Bio's of founding directors of the Friends.

Board of Directors - after the founders: 1952 to 1970. Bio's

Crone, Martha - Annual Reports – Summaries of her reports to the Minneapolis Parks Superintendent.

Early Documents – Sampling of early forms and letters.

Founders – List of founding directors of the Friends.

Membership committee chairs - historical list of persons (pdf).

Memorial Board Names - listing of persons named on the Shelter Memorial Board as memorials or "in-honor-of"

Mission Statement – Current Mission Statement of The Friends

Newsletter Archive – Past issues of The Fringed Gentian™ in download-able pdf format.

Newsletter Editors – List of Editors from 1953 to present time. (pdf file)

Officer List - Listing of all Officers of the Friends from 1952 to the present, sectioned by President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Secretary's Annual Reports - 1953-1958 PDF format

Secretary's Annual Reports - 1959-1969 PDF format

Volunteer Coordinator - historical list of persons. (pdf)

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Burma Shave – See "Clinton Odell" in the people list below

HISTORY BY YEAR – A year chart of links to the history of the Eloise Butler Wild Flower Garden and of The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden

Memorials in the Martha Crone Shelter – Photos and text on the background of Shelter memorials

Odell, Clinton - Essay – Friends founder Clinton Odell writes of the uniqueness of the Garden and why The Friends were founded

Odell, Clinton - Sketch – Odell's color drawing of the "Old Garden Office" (pub. 2009)

Upland Garden Development – History of The Friends involvement in creating the upland part of the Garden

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Garden Projects - 2021 -2016 – Details of Current Project Plans and most those recent completed.

2012 Project details – Acquisition of wildflowers and ferns for east hardwood forest and understory trees for the same area.

2011 Project Details – Acquisition of wildflowers and ferns for east hardwood forest.

2010 Project Details – Acquisition of trees for the lowland hardwood forest.

2009 Project Details – Acquisition of wildflowers and ferns for east hardwood forest.

2008 Project Details – Acquisition of trees and shrubs for the hardwood forest west of the back gate.

Garden Projects History – Illustrated summary of all past projects funded by the Friends since 1952.

A Birdbath in the Prairie – Origin of the granite birdbath on the central hill - Upland Garden (2010)

Avery Birding Terrace – Creation of the Ken Avery Birding Terrace

Boardwalk – Photos and history of planning, construction, dedication and awards.

Great Medicine Spring – A history of the attempt to improve water flow and quality.

Martha Crone Visitor Shelter – Brief history of Building the Shelter

Student Transportation Grant Program - Organized in 2009, this program funds bus transportation for eligible school groups to visit the Garden.

Upland Garden Land Addition – Friends member Elaine Christenson writes on her involvement with the 1993 land addition to the Upland Prairie Garden. (Winter 1994)

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Historical figures and interviews with Friends members on their volunteer experience - updated information added to older interviews.

Aler, Lulu May - and the bird feeding station in Wirth Park and at the Garden. (2020)

Anderson, Liz – Volunteer and co-chair of the Friends Invasive Plant Action Group, Liz is interviewed by Donna Ahrens (2012) (186kb pdf)

Avery, Ken – The Garden's third caretaker, Board member and President of The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden; Creation of the Ken Avery Birding Terrace

Bennett, Russell H. – Founding director of the Friends.

Betzold, Harriet – Long-time volunteer, Friends member, former Friends President, is spotlighted in an article by Donna Ahrens (2011)

Binder, Dorothy Walton – Founding director of the Friends and 2nd President.

Bridgman, Betty - Director and Newsletter editor.

Bridgman, George – Notes made in 2009 at the time of his retirement as a volunteer and earlier material.

Bryan, Betty – Betty started volunteering in 1971 and only retired a few years ago (2002)

Coleman, Jim – Garden Legacy Volunteer and volunteer at other area parks - pdf file (2016)

Cram, Gertrude S. – Friend of Eloise Butler and Martha Crone and provider of plants (2010)

Crone, Martha – Abbreviated history of the Garden's second Curator, Founding member of the Friends, first Friends' Secretary and First editor of The Fringed Gentian™.

Crone, Martha and the Wild Flower Garden: This Satisfying Pursuit - A book-length sketch of the Garden's second curator. Details at this link. (2018)

Crone, Martha - The Native Plant Reserve in Glenwood Park - 1933-1958. A companion volume to the above book which contains only a summary of each of these years, but covers all the other aspects of her career. Details at this link. (2018)

Cross, Marion - Friends director 1961 to 1969.

Dassett, Robert Jr. - Mr. Dassett was a director of the Friends 1970 to 1972 and President 1971 through 1974.

Davis, Joy (pdf file) – Donna Ahrens interviews Joy Davis, Friends member, former board member and former membership chair. (Summer 2011) (305kb file)

Dayton, Donald C. – Founding director of the Friends and Vice-President.

Dean, Alexander - Director and 9th President of the Friends.

Demler, Marie – Highlights of Marie's long tenure as a Garden Volunteer. Article by Donna Ahrens. (2010)

Eastman, Whitney H. – Mr. Eastman was a director of the Friends 1961 to 1968 and was an active member until his death in 1979. He was an executive of General Mills and Archer Daniel Midland.

Faragher, Catherine - Friends President 1969-1971, orchestrated the construction of the Martha Crone Shelter.

Felbeck, Kris - Long-time volunteer, nature lover, camper and she has climbed a few mountains. Interview by Donna Ahrens (2015) (687kb pdf)

George, Cary – The Garden's fourth caretaker - notes and experiences (2010)

Godfrey, Ann – Approaching 20 years as a volunteer, Ann was a Board member and Volunteer Coordinator. (2008)

Grimes, Dr. Marian – The Friends first volunteer coordinator 1968 - 1980. (2013)

Hansen, Melissa - Volunteer, Friends Board member, former volunteer coordinator, interview by Donna Ahrens (2014) (139kb pdf)

Hellander, Martha – Background on how the book The Wild Gardener was created with some funding help from The Friends. (2013)

Johnson, Lyle – Lyle became a Friends Board member in 1998, was Vice-President, and volunteer until 2009. (2001)

Jones, Judy – Judy was a weekend Shelter volunteer for 25 years now. (2000)

Lehnert, Walter E. - Friends director 1960 to 1969 and 1975 to 1981. President 1961 to 1965.

Locken, Lisa – Friends board member and editor of The Fringed Gentian™ 1999-2006.

Ludcke, Mrs. George (Jessie) Sr. - Friends director 1964 to 196.

Lussenhop, Juanita – A volunteer since 1992, Nita also was on the Friends Board as secretary for 10 years. (2004)

Miller, Gloria (pdf file) – A member of the Friends Board 3 times, President of the Friends twice, currently a Board member and Shelter volunteer. (2013)

Odell, Clinton – Background on the Founder of the Friends (2018)

Odell-Beim, Moana – Clinton Odell's daughter recollects her early days in the Garden (2002)

Pepin, Constance – Connie was on the Friends Board from 2002 to 2006, is still a shelter volunteer and active in the invasives patrol group. (2001)

Proctor, Jim – Jim joined the Friends Board in 2005 and has been in charge of the Invasive Plant Patrol Volunteer Group since 2006 - which he organized. (2004)

Ramberg. Leonard F. – Founding director of the Friends.

Rawson, Carl W. - Minnesota Artist and Friends board member 1954 - 1970.

Schultz, Shirley and Jack – Shirley began volunteering in 1980. She became volunteer coordinator in 1984 until 2005. Shirley and Jack were long time Friends Board members, retiring in 2005. Jack was Treasurer for many years. (2000)

Schutt, Elizabeth Ann – Background on a former Friends member who created an annual bequest to The Friends.

Thorn, Harry D. - Friends director 1969-1974, member of the Building Committee for the Martha Crone Shelter.

Tolg, Mrs. Clarence (Ebba) - Friends director 1953 to 1969, Vice-president 1962 to 1965.

Tusler, Wilber H. – Mr. Tusler was a director of the Friends 1969 to 1974 and a member for years thereafter. An architect, he supervised the design and construction of the Martha Crone Shelter.

Volunteer Profiles – Profiles and interviews with Friends and Garden volunteers - these were originally published in The Fringed Gentian™ and their names are also in the list on this page.

Waugh, Phoebe – Phoebe first visited the Garden in the early 60s. She is on the Board of Directors as historian. (2004)

Waugh, Phoebe – 2nd article - 2014 Minneapolis Parks Volunteer of the Year - pdf file (2015)

Witt, Alvin R. - Director and Vice President 1966-1970, Building Fund chairman for the construction of the Martha Crone Shelter.

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50th Anniversary Event – Friends 50th Birthday, celebrated on Mothers Day, 2002 at the Garden.

50th Anniversary Recollections – Garden recollections of Harriet Betzold, Betty Bryan, Robert and Betty Dassett, and Marie Demler.

50th Anniversary Recollections – Garden recollections of J. S. Futcher, Karol Pieper Gresser, John Haldeman, Marguerite Harbison, and Lynne Holman.

50th Anniversary Recollections – Garden recollections of Florence Isaacs, Yleen and Gary Joselyn, Vi LaBelle, Marilyn Rohlfing, Lee and Jerry Shannon.

A Rookie's Top Five Wildflower Garden Volunteer Experiences. –Volunteer Donna Ahrens reviews her first year experiences as a volunteer in the Martha Crone Shelter.

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