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The Environment of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

In the Archive pages you will find links to all the content on the Friends of the Wild Flower Garden web site. Unlike the main pages, links here are arranged by topic. These topics include links to articles previously published in the Friend's newsletter - The Fringed Gentian™.

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April Weather & Opening Day – Quotes from the Garden log's of the first 50 years about the weather on April 1st. Early spring is not the norm. (2013)

Bee Survey – 2013 season survey of bees in the Garden for baseline data

Birding at Eloise Butler: A review of why the Garden makes a great Bird Sanctuary and other current birding articles; Curator's birding notes from the first 70 years of the Garden. (2018)

Bog in the Woodland Garden – History, environment and plant community of the Garden bog. (2010)

Early Spring in the Wild Flower Garden Reflections of Martha Crone, second Garden Curator, first editor of The Fringed Gentian™ and founding member of The Friends of The Wild Flower Garden.

Garden Plan View – Overall plan map with walking paths shown

Geography of the Garden – A photo tour of the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in the early spring before the leaves obscure the lay-of-the-land.

Geology of the Garden – A brief article on how the Garden landscape was formed.

Grasses of the Garden Photos of the Garden grasses with links to detailed information pages.

Hepatica and Hepatica Hill Restoration – the background of Hepatica in the Garden.

Heritage Trees in the Garden Former Gardener Cary George writes of the nine Minneapolis Heritage Trees in the Garden (originally published winter 2000)

Invasive Plant Removal Notes on the accomplishments of the Friends Invasive Plant Action Group - volunteer removal of invasive plants. Photo section included.

Lowland Forest Trees for the Garden – Trees planted in 2010 - a project funded by The Friends of the Wild Flower Garden.

Maple Glen - a bowl shaped depression adjacent to the Wildflower Garden.

Mapping Trees in the Garden – Garden Curator Susan Wilkins explains the process of how the trees in the Garden were databased and mapped via a GPS system. (2004)

Oaks: Our Native Oaks – Will their dominance last in Minnesota in the face of climate change? (2021)

Orchids in the Garden – A review and history of orchids in the Garden, past and present. (Winter 2019)

Owl Rescue in Wirth Park – Finding a downed Great Horned Owl then release after rehab. (2014)

Pea Family Plants in the Prairie Pea family plants that thrive in the hot prairie sun, by previous Eloise Butler Gardener Cary George. (Updated 2020)

Prairie Burn 2014 – Before and after photos of the 2014 burn (2014)

Restoration in the Upland Garden A photo review of a five year restoration project in a section of the Upland Garden - 2009

Rare Native Minnesota Plants in the Garden – Text and photos about 21 plants listed by Minnesota as endangered, threatened or of special concern that are seen in Eloise Butler. (2014)

Storm Damage - Summer 2010 – Photos of rain and wind damage in June and July 2010

Storm Damage - May 2011 – Photos of the tornado damage in and near the Garden on May 22, 2011

Upland Garden Land Addition – Friends member Elaine Christenson writes on the 1993 land addition to the Upland Prairie Garden. (Winter 1994)

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