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Bill Toivonen

Short Notes

The Friends most aged member (102) passed away this summer -Bill Toivonen

Five more obscure late season plants- still blooming.

Black Nightshade
Thoughts on Nature and Historical Comments Garden Plant of the Week

"There is a peculiar virtue in the music of elusive birds. Songsters that sing from top-most boughs are easily seen and as easily forgotten; they have the mediocrity of the obvious. What one remembers is the invisible hermit thrush pouring silver chords from impenetrable shadows; the soaring crane trumpeting from behind a cloud; the prairie chicken booming from the mists of nowhere; the quail’s Ave Maria in the hush of dawn. No naturalist has even seen the choral act, for the covey is still on its invisible roost in the grass, and any attempt to approach automatically induces silence. ” Aldo Leopold, from A sand County Almanac.

I roam the woods that crown
The upland, where the mingled splendours glow,
Where the gay company of trees look down
On the green fields below.

My steps are not alone
In these bright walks; the sweet south-west, at play,
Flies, rustling, where the painted leaves are strown
Along the winding way.

Taken from "Autumn Woods" by
Wm. Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

Riddell's Goldenrod
"In the goldenrod’s gleaming glory is the certainty of greater glory in birch and maple and aspen. Scattered bursts of flame in the sumac light fires that will spread to woodbine and swamp maple and dogwood and chokecherry. Asters frost the roadsides, reminder of frosty mornings ahead, and milkweed floss and thistledown are glinting reminders of chill, misty dawns to come.
Fireflies are gone, but the stars begin to glitter in the deepening dusk. The cicada is stilled, but cricket and katydid are loud in the lengthening night. Bees are busy with a final honey-hoard. The chipmunk lines his winter bedroom and stocks his granary. Squirrels harvest and hide the nut tree’s bounty.” Hal Borland, 1987
Riddell's Goldenrod
Solidago riddellii Frank ex Riddell
Eloise Butler introduced this species to the Garden in 1914. It is medium height with a stately inflorescence, leaves that arch over and a sturdy stem and it tolerates a little shade. It is native to only 12 states of the central U.S. Click the link for the interesting background on Frank and Riddell.

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The Friends have received a $12,500 matching grant for the Cary George Wetland Project from PEOPLE FOR PARKS. Your donation can help us fully fund the project!

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