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Upland in Summer

For 63 years - Dedicated to Protecting, Preserving and Promoting
The interests of The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary

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Martha Crone Shelter

Volunteers shaff the Martha Crone Visitors Shelter each day the Garden is open. You meet and greet the public. Details on the Volunteer Page.

Eloise Butler

bog in winter

Eloise Butler writes why this site was chosen in 1907 for a wild garden reserve, particularly the tamarack marsh. Read Full Article. Historic photo of the Marsh on Nov, 8, 1951, from a Kodachrome by Martha Crone.

Garden Plant of the Week

fragrant sumac

Fragrant Sumac
Rhus aromatica Aiton

Fragrant Sumac is one of three native sumacs in the Garden and the only one that has distinctive leaves of just 3 leaflets instead of a long compound leaf with many paired leaflets. The flower clusters are smaller, not pyramidal in shape but the red hairy drupes look the same. The plant remains smaller and provides very nice fall color. Eloise Butler introduced it to the Wildflower Garden in 1911.


Environmental Comment

"There are still millions of people whose opinions on wild life conservation, it they have any, are based in some degree on the assumption that the abundance of game must bear an inverse ratio to degree of settlement, and that the question of how long our game will hold out must be measured by the time it will take for man to completely occupy the land." Aldo Leopold, from The Popular Wilderness Fallacy, 1918

A Seasonal Poem

A light he was to no one but himself
Where now he sat, concerned with he knew what,
A quiet light, and then not even that.
He consigned to the moon, such as she was,
So late-arising, to the broken moon
As better than the sun in any case
For such a charge, his snow upon the roof,
His icicles along the wall to keep;
And slept. The log that shifted with a jolt
Once in the stove, disturbed him and he shifted,
And eased his heavy breathing, but still slept.

Taken from "An Old Man’s Winter Night" by
Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)