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2014 Friends Garden Party Aug. 3, 2014- Info - Buy Tickets - Program information

Eloise Butler writes about The Attractiveness of Vegetables and Common Weeds.


Thoughts on Nature and Historical Comments Garden Plant of the Week

".A comment on city vs country living by Horace

To Fuscus the city-lover I the country-lover
Send greetings. To be sure in this one matter we
Differ much, but in everything else we’re like twins
With brothers’ hearts (if one says no, so does the other)
And we nod in agreement like old familiar doves.
You guard the nest: I praise the streams and woods
And the mossy rocks of a beautiful countryside.
In short I live and I reign, as soon as I’ve left
What you acclaim to the skies with shouts of joy,
Seeing I flee sweet wafers like a priest’s runaway
Slave: for it’s bread I want now not honeyed cakes.
If we all should live in conformity with Nature,
And begin by choosing a site to build a house,
Do you know anywhere better than the country?
Where are the winters milder? Where does a more welcome
Breeze temper the Dog-Star’s rage and the Lion’s charge.
When maddened he’s felt the Sun’s piercing darts?
Where does Care’s envy trouble our slumber less?
Is grass poorer in scent or beauty than Libyan stone?
Is water that strains to burst lead pipes in city streets
Purer than that which sparkles murmuring down the stream?
Why, you yourself nurture trees among marbled pillars,
And admire a house with a prospect of distant fields!
Drive Nature off with a pitchfork, she’ll still press back,
And secretly burst in triumph through your sad disdain.

Taken from "The Delights of Nature" BKI, Ep X, 1-25 by
Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Roman (65BC- 8BC)

Smooth Oxeye
"The meadows and copses are now wild with the ox-eye, much like the wild sunflowers, and distinguished from them only by the specialist in a few details. The ox-eye is a forerunner of the golden seas of bloom that characterize the waning summer. It is to be commended for its profuse growth and for its adaptability to varying conditions." Eloise Butler , July 1911. Smooth Oxeye
Heliopsis helianthoides
Smooth Oxeye (or Yellow Oxeye) is indigenous to the Garden. It is the only species of Heliopsis in MN and is called the 'false sunflower' because unlike true sunflowers the outer ray florets are also fertile.

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